On the go

Data-rich mobile plans for customers on the move

Today’s mobile customer wants more. More data. More choice. More flexibility. Through our mobile brands – Flow and BTC – we give our 1.9 million mobile customers exactly that.


Flexibility on the go

Right across the Caribbean, our customers rely on us to not only help them talk and text, but to provide data-rich plans that mean they can seamlessly access content such as their favorite programs, or music, all ‘on the go’. Like our increasingly popular Combo Plans – flexible prepaid packages of texts, calls and data.

We’ve also made prepaid roaming more affordable for customers when they go on vacation. If they buy one of our Combo Plans locally, they can use it in any C&W Communications market. So they can use their phone just like they would at home.


There for you

We know simplicity and accessibility are really important for our customers. As well as having a footprint of 44,000 top-up facilities – not just in our own stores, but in supermarkets, gas stations, and even mom-and-pop stores - our customers can manage their accounts online. In the Caribbean, they do that through the MyFlow App, using their Flow ID as a passport to access our many innovative services.  This means we provide them with several easy-to-use and convenient ways to top up their accounts whenever and wherever with just a click of a button. Or a tap of a screen.

We’re also there for customers when they need us. If a prepaid customer runs out of credit in an emergency, they can access credit from us to stay connected through our innovative Flow Lend service. One less thing for them to worry about.

And that’s not all. We launched FlowStudy to give customers access to educational content that can help with exam preparation. And the FlowSports mobile app gives customers access to the best in sporting action at home or on the go.


Keeping loved ones close

We don’t just look after our customers when they’re at home – we keep them connected on the move. Through Flow, those living abroad can top up for their loved ones back home, from more than 85,000 locations in the US and UK, as well as online.


Investing for the future

Behind the scenes, we continue to invest in our network to constantly improve the experience we offer our customers – especially as demand for data continues to grow. From offering 4G LTE service, to pioneering pre-5G technologies, we’re leading the way.

We’ve now launched LTE networks in 12 markets, adding Saint Kitts and Saint Lucia. Migrating our customers to these superfast mobile networks is one of our big priorities. They’re faster and more efficient, and can deliver a better customer experience. A mobile network that’s fit for a digital future.