Corporate responsibility

Connecting communities and transforming lives

By connecting communities to our network, products and services, we’re transforming the lives of those who live there, providing the building blocks of their local economies.

As a business with purpose, we’re positively contributing to the fabric of the communities where we operate, beyond our core products and services. We do this through a mix of corporate- and employee-led activities, community development programs, and leveraging technology to improve society in areas such as education, sports, arts and culture.

We’re extremely proud that our employees lead many of our outreach programs, and we’re equally proud to support them in giving back. Our annual Mission Day lets them do just that. Every year we encourage our teams to take a day to support a cause in the local community.

But our support in the community isn’t limited to one day a year. Year-round, we follow policies and procedures that mean we conduct our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

And our commitment to doing business responsibly is why we launched the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation. Initially a response to the humanitarian crisis caused by devastating hurricanes in 2017, and increasingly our platform for social development across the region. Through the Foundation, we educate and empower individuals in the communities we serve.

Whether it’s through our corporate initiatives or our local employee-led efforts, we’re helping to connect communities and transform the lives of people that live there. Giving them access to the technology and other necessities they need to thrive.