The Gateway To Endless Possibilities

We live in a world where the Internet powers businesses and connects us to each other. At C&W Communications we’re dedicated to helping our customers connect, explore, and create. From big businesses to private homes, we empower our customers by investing in the most modern network in the region to delivering innovative, high-quality broadband enabled products and services, that fuels modern businesses, connects people and pushes the boundaries of modern life.  

Through our merger with Columbus Communications combined with our new parent company, Liberty Global Latin America, we’ve expanded our services and are increasing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our transformative technology gives us the opportunity to pioneer innovations such as the testing of pre 5G technology and award-winning apps to give our customers what they want - reliable service at home and on the go. With cutting edge technology like Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), 4G LTE, and MSANS services, we’re continually investing, innovating, and empowering as an Internet service provider.          

With our wholesale services, we sell our excess capacity on our Subsea Network Platform that spans more than 50,000 kilometers and reaches more than 42 countries – delivering services these areas otherwise wouldn’t have access to. For businesses, we’re a valued partner and provide broadband services, IT solutions, and system management services. We also operate FLOW, our consumer brand in the Caribbean, along with the brands in BTC and Panama. all delivering new broadband, mobile, TV, and home phone options to our customers in 15 countries across the region.

We help countries, businesses and communities grow. People across the regions we serve count on us as their broadband provider and rely on our technology to make their businesses more efficient, help busy working parents pay bills online, remotely access their home or business networks, or support young leaders earn a degree online, while allowing the everyday connection with friends, family, and businesses around the world.