Flow’s TV Services Reach New Heights

Improved Viewing Experience For Customers

Revolution has a new name, as Flow announced today the rebranding of its cutting-edge Advanced Video Services (AVS) to Horizon from Flow.  The rebrand will bring a refreshing upgrade to an already innovative TV product.  The Company will roll out Horizon from Flow today in Jamaica and across its other Caribbean markets in the coming months.

The new brand was unveiled just days after it was announced that Liberty Global (LG) had acquired Flow’s parent company, Cable and Wireless (C&W). It is likely the first of many upcoming positive changes for the residential quad-play provider – all of which will share the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the customer experience.

Horizon from Flow offers customers unparalleled control when accessing its vast array of content, including a diverse range of blockbuster movies and TV series on its Video on Demand platform (VOD), with convenient features such as the ability to rewind live TV and the cloud Personal Video Recorder (PVR). The cloud PVR allows customers to access their favourite programs when they want and how they want, across multiple platforms. This benefit gives customers the ability to customize their viewing experience – meaning they can watch their favourite content whenever and wherever it fits into their schedule.

In addition, Flow will continue to offer customers the best, most in-demand content in the region – including access to coverage of the Premier League, Manchester United, the upcoming Rio Olympics, NFL and Caribbean’s Next Top Model.

“At Flow we understand that our customers demand a convenient, personalized TV experience that fits their lifestyle,” said Niall Merry, CWC’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Now that we are a part of the Liberty Global family, we have an opportunity to bring even more benefits and enhancements to our product and services, and by rebranding Flow’s AVS to Horizon from Flow, we are aligning ourselves with a leader of innovative video entertainment. We couldn’t be more excited about what this means for the future of TV in the Caribbean – this is what our customers have been waiting for.”

The rebranding will not affect any of Flow AVS’s already existing features; Horizon from Flow will continue to offer customers’ favourite programmes, and will still host all of its compelling features like VOD and PVR. Instead, by rebranding the product, Flow is signalling another shift in the right direction – and, as Merry notes, “is letting customers know that there is much more to come”

“While Horizon TV is a well established brand in other regions, we are going to make it a Caribbean experience,” said Merry. “Horizon from Flow will stand up to the standards set by its counterparts, and will be tailored to our unique Caribbean audience.”