Flow Sponsors Trinidadian Band To Attend SXSW

Five Miles to Midnight set to display diversity of Caribbean music scene

One Caribbean band is about to have its dreams of playing on the international stage realized, as Flow has just announced it will sponsor Five Miles to Midnight to travel to Austin, Texas for one of the biggest music festivals in the world, South by Southwest (SXSW), where the band will present a unique side of Caribbean music to the world.

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Five Miles to Midnight is a 6-piece band consisting of members Alex Ou Young, Rhys Thompson, Dale Dolly, Liam King, Shallun Sammy and Mark Wallace. Having formed in 2009, the band has since played numerous shows around their home country, including the Tobago Jazz Festival, the Art of Rock Concert, and the launch of Star 94.7, each of which saw the band open for such world-renowned acts as Stephen Marley, Maroon 5 and Jill Scott. The group also launched its debut album, titled OMG It’s 5 Miles to Midnight’s First EP, in 2014.

Now presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, the band hopes to not only expand its fan base and bring its unique genre of “Island Rock” (iRock) music to the world, but it also hopes to network with music industry professionals and generally benefit from a learning experience that will help further propel its success.

Indeed, there could hardly be a better way to breakthrough to a new audience; one of the largest music festivals in the world, SXSW is a celebration of the most exciting and diverse music from all over the globe. From small indie acts to successful mainstream acts like Macklemore and AWOLNATION, a long list of artistes have benefited from the festival’s massive media exposure and connections that have been made there. Rhys Thompson of the band said, “Trinidad and Tobago and most of the Caribbean is known for Soca music; we want to show the world that a diverse genre of music exists in the Caribbean – we have taken our local music and fused it with rock and have a unique sound we call iRock.  We hope to inspire people through our music by sharing positive messages.”   

“We are thrilled to be able to support Five Miles to Midnight as they make their way to the SXSW Music Conference to represent Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage,” said John Reid, President of Flow. “Not only is this an excellent opportunity for the band, but their performance will also have the added benefit of showcasing to the world the diversity of the Caribbean music scene. We wish them every success, and hope they have a fulfilling experience that provides them with even bigger opportunities in the future.”

There is also a large (and growing) sector of the industry that fosters alternative rock music, of which Five Miles to Midnight are emblematic. And on Saturday, March 19th, the group will finally get to present that side of the Caribbean to the world by taking to the stage At Buffalo Billiards, realizing their dream, and letting the lid off one of Trinidad’s best-kept secrets.