C&W’s Garry Sinclair Showcased Innovative Flow Lend App at the CTU’s ICT Symposium

Cable and Wireless President, Caribbean, Garry Sinclair addresses delegates at the CTU’s ICT Symposium

At the recently held Caribbean Telecommunications Union ICT Week & Symposium held on March 20 - 24 in Antigua, C&W’s Caribbean President, Garry Sinclair delivered an interactive presentation during which he showcased the Company’s newest award-winning, customer-focused app – Flow Lend – to more than 100 delegates.

He also seized the opportunity to provide an update on his Company, highlighting the fact that C&W is now a part of the world’s largest Broadband and Entertainment Company, Liberty Global. Sinclair said that C&W is in transition on its way to becoming the best telecoms company in the region. Sinclair also said, “We are refocusing and will continue to put the customer at the heart of what we do. To do so we will leverage the size and scale of our parent company, develop more innovative apps, products and services that provide anytime, anywhere connectivity to give our customers more flexibility and convenience to suit their lifestyle needs. In addition, we will continue to make investments and improvements in our network.”  

Flow Lend provides credit advance at ‘zero interest and no fees’ to loyal prepaid mobile customers keeping them connected even when they are out of cash, until their next top up. The app addresses a real need particularly for prepaid customers who don’t use credit cards, and usually rely on in-store cash top ups. In his presentation the Caribbean President shared a testimonial of how this latest technology has enhanced and transformed customers’ lives. This new convenient option has gotten a resounding endorsement from customers and won the Mondato Innovation Award for Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) in December 2016.

The ICT Symposium was held under the theme “ICT - Driving 21st Century Intelligent Services” and highlighted topics such as ICT-Enabled Financial Solutions; Financing Operations for ICT-enabled Development; Security matters and 21st Century Financial Services for all. Government officials and telecommunications executives from over 20 countries throughout the Caribbean attended the weeklong event, which is the largest gathering of ICT and Telecommunication Executives in the region. 

Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of  Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information Technology, the Hon. Melford Nicholas expressed his delight that Antigua was host country. The activities during ICT week also included the 34th Executive Council Statutory Meeting and the 15th Caribbean Ministerial Strategic ICT Seminar. 

The ICT Week Symposium presented another unique opportunity to showcase the practical and user-friendly customer focused solutions developed by Flow that demonstrates its commitment to connecting communities and transforming lives.  

Editor’s Note:

Flow has been keeping its prepaid mobile customers connected with its cashless mobile top-up app, Flow Lend, which advanced more than US$1Million in less than six months in mobile credit – and, in partnership with JUVO, won the Mondato Innovation Award for Digital Finance and Commerce (DFC) in December 2016.