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CWC to upgrade Bahamas sub-sea cable network27 September, 2013

US$4 million investment

Tags: Bahamas, Broadband, BTC, cable, Caribbean, LIME, CWC,, SocialTelecoms

Seychelles completes broadband upgrade21 August, 2012

New Fibre To The Curb and undersea cable networks

Tags: CWC, seychelles, monaco-and-islands, monaco&islands, Broadband, cable, FTTC, undersea, SEAS

Cable & Wireless Communications Plc Interim Management Statement23 July, 2012

This interim management statement provides an update on the performance and financial position of the Group since the year ended 31 March 2012.

Tags: Broadband, cable, Caribbean, CWC, CWP, Group, Jamaica, LIME,, maldives, mobile, monaco, monaco&islands, monaco-and-islands, monacotelecom, Panama, PayTV, Macau

Laying of Maldives cable system begins22 December, 2011

Dhiraagu is laying a new submarine cable network across the Maldives

Tags: dhiraagu, maldives, CWC, Broadband, cable, submarine

C&W Isle of Man unveils connectivity network17 February, 2011

Cable & Wireless Isle of Man, part of Cable & Wireless Communications, has invested in off-island data capacity in order to introduce competition and improve services for businesses and Government agencies on the island.

Tags: Broadband, cable, monaco&islands, monaco-and-islands, Sure, CWC

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Articles

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