A Year of
and Growth

Annual Report 2014/15

Connecting Communities...

Transforming Lives


Performance highlights



2% Like-for-like improvment from 2013/14

The income from sales of our products and services



7% Improvement from 2013/14

A measure of trading profit provides a guide to our ongoing performance

Capital expenditure


76% Increase from 2013/14

Our spending on plant, equipment, software and property for our business

Operating cash flow


(52%) Fall from 2013/14

The amount of cash we generated to fund our ongoing operations

Adjusted earnings per share


114% Increase from 2013/14

The amount we earned in net profit for each share in our Company

Full year dividend


0% Change

The return to be paid out annually to shareholders per share they hold


Our business in brief

Our services

Our services

Our brands

Panama, The Bahamas, Seychelles, Caribbean

Our brands

Transforming our business through the acquisition of Columbus International Inc.

Transforming our business

Delivering world class Business-to-Business and Business-to-Government services in our markets

World class services

Chairman’s review

“Cable & Wireless Communications is evolving into a more efficient, focused Group, putting customers at the heart of our business, served by a more robust network infrastructure.”

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CEO Phil Bentley

Chief Executive Officer’s Strategic Review

A Year of Transformation and Growth

In a year of transformation we are forming a ‘new’ Company, with a new leadership and a new culture, putting our customers at the heart of our business.

Our Vision

To grow customer relationships and lifetime value by delivering unparalleled customer experience, where customers define ‘excellence.’

Our Objective

We seek to deliver long-term and sustainable growth for shareholders through growing the lifetime value of our customer relationships – with the acquisition of Columbus we have refined our strategy to reflect our enhanced market positions and capabilities.

Our Business Model

Our business model is based on providing customers with communications, information and entertainment services, at a price which delivers value to them, while enabling our Company to make a fair return for our shareholders.

Our Operational Goals

1. Grow top line revenue

2. Maintain cost efficiency and EBITDA growth

3. Make the Company ‘A Great Place To Work’

4. Deliver unparalleled customer service

5. Increase returns on capital

Our Strategic Imperatives

Delivery of our goals is built upon six strategic imperatives.


Drive to mobile leadership


Fixed-mobile convergence


Video and content leadership


Grow our B2B and B2G business


Build a leading wholesale network


Make the integration a success

Corporate responsibility and sustainability

We set standards of good governance – operating in ethical and responsible ways. Through our corporate social responsibility programmes we positively impact the lives of the people we serve, with particular emphasis on making a difference through education, community development, sports, culture, health, among other areas of focus.

Ethics in business

Our aim:

We are committed to maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour, operating fairly and with integrity. We adhere to global standards of ethics in business and remain a continuing member of the FTSE4GOOD.

Things we have done to achieve this:

We ensure our team members are aware of, receive training in and act in accordance with our Code of Conduct, Anti-Bribery Policy and ensure full compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Focus on our people

Our aim:

With the acquisition of Columbus International Inc we are forming a combined Group with a new leadership team and a new culture. We are focused on our people and aim to establish our Company as 'A Great Place to Work'.

Things we have done to achieve this:

We are forming a new culture, investing in our people. We provide equal access to opportunities, maintain fair and equitable employment policies that are aligned with local and international standards. We also provide training and career development opportunities for our team members.


Our aim:

We aim to continuously improve our environmental stewardship by developing and maintaining globally accepted green initiatives.

Things we have done to achieve this:

Each year we monitor our carbon footprint, replace legacy equipment with newer more energy efficient technology and seek to reduce travel through the use of video conferencing among other responsible environmental management principles.

Privacy and security

Our aim:

Protecting our customer and team member data is our priority.

Things we have done to achieve this:

We build security measures and protection into all of our business practices which involve the processing of personal data and confidential information. Our Global Data Privacy Policy helps to drive appropriate behaviour regarding the secure handling of customer and employee data. We train our team members on data privacy and data protection and work with our external partners to ensure robust measures are in place.

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