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Between nations

Wholesale services

We own, or have access to, substantial capacity on sub-sea and over-land cables which carry telecoms traffic from consumers, businesses and other telecoms operators. These cables support the rapid growth in demand by our customers for services like mobile data.

Excess capacity on these cables is sold on a wholesale basis in order to carry telecoms traffic across the region - one of the world’s busiest transit routes between the fast-growing economies of South America and the United States, where many of the world’s major internet sites are hosted.

In 2013, through the creation of a Joint Venture with Columbus Networks, we expanded wholesale bandwidth capacity by creating a sub-sea network platform that spans more than 42,000 kilometres, and reaches more than 42 countries. This positions us strongly to meet the data capacity demands of our retail operations in the future, as well as optimising our capital expenditure commitment to our undersea cable networks.


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