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Fixed income

Credit Rating

Ratings represent an evaluation of credit quality, conducted by independent financial analysis firms. Credit ratings and research can help investors assess marketplace value and degree of investment risk.

Standard & Poor's (S&P) and Moody's are leading global credit rating, research and risk analysis operations.

Rating AgencyLong TermShort Term
Moody’s Ba2 N/A
Standard and Poor’s BB- B

Listed debt

Below are details of CWC’s listed debt (debt quoted and traded on stock exchanges). Like most large organisations, CWC funds its operations through equity and debt as well as from funds generated its trading activities. This information is provided for debt/fixed income investors, analysts and credit rating agencies.

US DollarISINOutstandingCouponFreq.MaturityListing
Secured 20201 USG77636AA91 $400m 8.75% S/A 1 Feb 2020 London
Unsecured 20212 USP2894NAC13 $1,250m 7.375% S/A 30 Mar 2021 Luxembourg Frankfurt
Unsecured 20221 USG77636AB74 $750m 6.875% S/A 1 Aug 2022 -

Trustees on 2020 and 2022 Notes USD

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
c/o Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
Trust & Agency Services
100 Plaza One
MS JCY03-0699
Jersey City, New Jersey 07311
United States of America
F: +1 (732) 578-4635; Attn: Corporates Team Deal Manager – Ref: Sable International Finance Limited

Trustees on 2021 Notes USD

The Bank of New York Mellon
101 Barclay Street, 7E
New York, New York 10286
E: Karen.Ferry@bnymellon.com
F: +1 (724) 540-6330; Attn: Corporate Trust Services, Global Americas – Ref: Columbus International Inc.
UK SterlingISINOutstandingCouponFreq.MaturityListing
Unsecured 20193 XS0050504306 £146.7m 8.625% A 25 Mar 2019 London

Trustees on 2019 Bonds GBP

Royal Exchange Trust Company Limited
C/O Capita Trust Company Limited
4th Floor 40 Dukes Place

T: +44 (20) 3367 8200
F: +44 (20) 3170 0246
E: corporatetrusts@capita.co.uk

1 Issued by Sable International Finance Limited
2 Issued by Columbus International Inc.
3 Issued by Cable and Wireless International Finance B.V.