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Are Cable & Wireless Communications Plc shares listed on a stock exchange?

Cable & Wireless Communications Plc’s (“CWC”) ordinary shares of 5 cents each were listed on the London Stock Exchange and traded under the symbol CWC.  However, as a result of the acquisition of the entire share capital of the Company by Liberty Global plc, CWC is no longer a listed entity.

What has happened to my CWC shares?

All shares in CWC were acquired by Liberty Global plc with effect from 16 May 2016.  If you held CWC shares on 13 May 2016, those shares would have converted into either Liberty Global shares or LiLAC shares, depending on what offer you accepted as part of the acquisition of the Company.  The details of the available offers were sent to all shareholders on 23 March 2016.


How do I buy or sell CWC shares?

As a result of the acquisition of the Company by Liberty Global plc you no longer hold CWC shares.  Instead you hold either Liberty Global shares or LiLAC shares depending on which offer you accepted.  Most high street banks and some building societies have facilities for buying and selling shares, or you can contact a stockbroker. Details of all brokers offering share-dealing services can be obtained from the London Stock Exchange. Please telephone the LSE on +44 (0)20 7797 1000 or visit their website (www.londonstockexchange.com) for further information.

Nothing in this document should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares in Liberty Global.  Shares can fall as well as rise in price.

For Capital Gains Tax purposes, can you tell me the base cost of CWC shares as at demerger (26 March 2010)?

The base cost of the Cable and Wireless plc shares you held immediately prior to demerger was apportioned between the new CWC and Cable & Wireless Worldwide plc shares.  Further information on this can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts.


Who are Liberty Global's Registrars and how do I contact them?

Liberty Global plc has appointed Computershare to maintain its share register.

You should contact the Registrars with any queries you have on your account including (but not restricted to) any of the following:


  • Change of name or address
  • Death of shareholder
  • Loss of share certificate
  • Loss of dividend warrant or tax voucher
  • Unclaimed dividends
  • Change of dividend mandate



Where can I find information on previous dividends paid by Cable & Wireless Communications Plc and Cable and Wireless plc?

Historical dividend information of all dividends paid by Cable and Wireless plc between 1981 and 2010, and Cable & Wireless Communications Plc between 2010 and 2016, is available in the Dividend Information section of Investor Relations.